How to Secure Your Shed in Six Easy Steps

garden pathDid you know that shed crime is becoming more common in the USA? Every year thieves and opportunist criminals steal items like lawnmowers, motorbikes and household tools from sheds that are not properly secured and easy to gain access to.

How to you avoid this happening to your shed you might be wondering? Simple…just follow the six easy steps outlined below.

Surround the shed

One of the main reasons why sheds get broken into is because they are easy to get to in the middle of the night. For this reason, you have to make it more difficult for the criminals, and you can do this by surrounding the shed with things such as bushes and shrubs.

Sturdy padlock

The average lock on a shed is a weak padlock that can be easily broken with a little bit of force. With this in mind, you should upgrade to a sturdy padlock as soon as possible, which makes it a lot harder for thieves to break in.

Use an alarm

Most Americans now have alarm systems for their house and garage, but the shed often gets left out. Ultimately though, if you have valuable items in the shed that you don’t want stolen, then it makes sense to have some kind of alarm system in place.

Use special hinges

A popular way for criminals to access a shed is to simply screw out the hinges on the door and then take it off, granting them easy entry to the shed.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop this happening by using special types of hinges that can’t be screwed out once they have been put in place. Go to your local DIY store and ask for screws that have coach bolts or non-returnable screws.

Motion detector lighting

As mentioned earlier, shed thieves like to operate at night so they can’t be seen performing their criminal activities. In order to stop them from entering your shed, it’s a good idea to install motion detector lighting that comes on when it detects movement.

Use curtains

Can anybody look through the window and see inside your shed? In this type of scenario you could be advertising your valuable contents to anyone that happens to walk by, and that is why it’s beneficial to use some curtains to block their view.

At the end of the day, when everything is on display it generally becomes an invitation for thieves, so do your best to avoid this.


Follow the easy steps above and you are well on the way to securing your shed and keeping criminals at bay. While you can never be 100% confident everything is safe, if you do everything in your power you can have more peace of mind.