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How to Secure Your Shed in Six Easy Steps

garden pathDid you know that shed crime is becoming more common in the USA? Every year thieves and opportunist criminals steal items like lawnmowers, motorbikes and household tools from sheds that are not properly secured and easy to gain access to.

How to you avoid this happening to your shed you might be wondering? Simple…just follow the six easy steps outlined below.

Surround the shed

One of the main reasons why sheds get broken into is because they are easy to get to in the middle of the night. For this reason, you have to make it more difficult for the criminals, and you can do this by surrounding the shed with things such as bushes and shrubs.

Sturdy padlock

The average lock on a shed is a weak padlock that can be easily broken with a little bit of force. With this in mind, you should upgrade to a sturdy padlock as soon as possible, which makes it a lot harder for thieves to break in.

Use an alarm

Most Americans now have alarm systems for their house and garage, but the shed often gets left out. Ultimately though, if you have valuable items in the shed that you don’t want stolen, then it makes sense to have some kind of alarm system in place.

Use special hinges

A popular way for criminals to access a shed is to simply screw out the hinges on the door and then take it off, granting them easy entry to the shed.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop this happening by using special types of hinges that can’t be screwed out once they have been put in place. Go to your local DIY store and ask for screws that have coach bolts or non-returnable screws.

Motion detector lighting

As mentioned earlier, shed thieves like to operate at night so they can’t be seen performing their criminal activities. In order to stop them from entering your shed, it’s a good idea to install motion detector lighting that comes on when it detects movement.

Use curtains

Can anybody look through the window and see inside your shed? In this type of scenario you could be advertising your valuable contents to anyone that happens to walk by, and that is why it’s beneficial to use some curtains to block their view.

At the end of the day, when everything is on display it generally becomes an invitation for thieves, so do your best to avoid this.


Follow the easy steps above and you are well on the way to securing your shed and keeping criminals at bay. While you can never be 100% confident everything is safe, if you do everything in your power you can have more peace of mind.

Should You Buy a Garage or Carport?

home with garageWhen you want to store and protect your vehicle then you might be wondering if a garage or carport is the right thing for the job?

This is not always a straight forward choice, mainly because it depends on your individual needs and circumstances. Hopefully, you will gain a better understanding of which way to go after reading the information below.


The main reason why you should buy a garage is because of security. Not only can you lock away your car for the night and help to keep it away from criminals, but it’s also possible to store important tools and gardening equipment that you don’t want left around.

As long as the garage has strong walls and a solid roof then you won’t have to worry about the weather, especially heavy rain and strong winds. Everything you keep in the garage is fully protected and will not come to any harm.

So what about the downsides? Without a doubt, the main downside is the cost, as the average garage is not cheap, and even if you try to build it yourself it is still going to be expensive because of all the materials, as well as the time you have to invest.

You might even have to abide by certain city building codes when adding a garage to your property, so make sure you keep that in mind.


If you are thinking about buying a carport then the main reason would be the cost. They are significantly cheaper than a garage, which makes it the perfect choice for people who want a cheap way to protect their car.

It is also much easier to install than a garage, and if you order a carport from the internet then it will arrive flat packed and with instructions, which means all you need to do is install it.

Something to keep in mind is that a carport doesn’t offer complete security for your vehicle, and while it is safer than being parked on the street, it’s still vulnerable to criminals. A good way to make it more secure is to put a light near the carport at night that is activated by movement, as well as installing a video camera on the wall.

It’s also worth noting that a carport doesn’t usually come with much extra space like a garage does, so you won’t have that much room to store extra tools and equipment.

Why Should You Use Cash For Gold Stores?

treasure goldYou’ve no doubt seen those ads on TV that talk about getting Cash for gold that you no longer want. Should you actually sell it though, or would it be a better idea to hang on to it for now?

Most experts believe that selling gold is the right thing to do, especially when you have bits and pieces around the house that you no longer use. Gold can be found in many different places, so don’t just assume you don’t have any. Sometimes even the smallest amount of gold is worth some serious cash.

Below are some reasons we believe you should sell your gold:

Gold prices are high

Right now as we speak the price of gold is averaging at an all time high. Who knows where it will be in a couple of years, but at this moment it is considered to be a sellers market. This means you have really do have to act now if you want to the best price for your gold. Don’t hesitate, because it could all be gone very soon.

Your jewelry is broken

If you have a gold watch that no longer works and a bracelet that broke and you’ve never got round to fixing it, then selling these kind of items may be the best idea.

At the end of the day, if they put some cash in your pocket then it’s much better than just having them sit in a jewelry box for the next few years.

You need fast cash

Let’s face it, when you have bills to pay or debts to take care of, the first place you look is for potential expensive items you can sell. Luckily, gold is a luxury item, which means it attracts top dollar and can be sold almost instantly especially with trustworthy business like

Just simply take anything you have down to a local gold dealer, let them come up with a value, and then shake hands to get instant cash into your hands. Great for getting yourself out of a bad financial situation.

Help the environment

Did you know that selling gold helps the environment? That’s because mining for gold takes up a lot of energy and resources, while simply recycling it from your old jewlerry into gold bars or coins takes a lot less effort, which ultimately means the effect on the environment is minimal.

If you want to do your bit to help save the planet then selling your unwanted gold is a good place to start.

6 Simple Tips for Saving Money in Singapore

coins silverNo matter if you’re spending a weekend in Singapore before moving onto Malaysia, or you plan to stop there for a month or two, there are certain tips you can follow to save money.

Let’s face it, Singapore is one of the most expensive places in Asia, which means it’s essential you know how to make your cash go further.

Here are 6 simple tips to help you achieve just that.

Get the best exchange rate

The first tip is to get the best exchange rate when turning your home currency into the Singapore Dollar. The exchange rates vary a lot from place to place, so make sure you shop around to find the best deal.

Avoid hotels

Most tourists stop in a hotel while visiting Singapore, but this is without a doubt the most expensive option.

Instead, look for Short term accommodation in Singapore from specialist websites where apartments are offered on a daily rate, coming in at significantly cheaper prices than a hotel.

Drink at happy hour

One of the main attractions of Singapore is the nightlife, but did you know that many bars offer happy hours where you can start the party early? Drinks are typically half price, which means you can have a few beers without spending too much money.

Eat at street stalls

There is no denying that restaurants are all over the place in Singapore, but the price tags are not cheap, and when you’re on a budget this all starts to add up.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you eat at street stalls in the city, where the prices are low but the quality of food is still excellent. Eat Chinese, Indian, and a range of other cuisines at only a few dollars per meal.

Use public transport

When you are planning to stop in Singapore for a week or more, then you might be thinking about hiring a car or catching taxis around the city when you visit different places.

Actually, this isn’t necessary at all, mainly due to the fact that public transport is both cheap and efficient. In fact, an all day pass with the bus service will only cost you $5.

Don’t get into trouble

While Singapore is generally a peaceful city where you are completely safe, it is possible to get into trouble if you break one of their laws.

A good example of this is with litter and chewing gum, as being caught throwing it on the street comes with a hefty fine. Not good when you are trying to enjoy your vacation on a budget.

6 Expert Tips to Help Choose The Right Software for Your Business

futureIt doesn’t matter if you are in the market for mental health ehr software or accounting software, the same principles apply when choosing the right software programs for your business.

Basically, the right kind of program will make all of those little tasks so much easier for you and your staff, as well as free up time so everyone can focus on the most important things.

Need help choosing the right software for your business? Below are 6 expert tips…

Easy to install

One of the main things to look for is ease of installation, as you want minimum interruption for your business. Ideally, a software company should be able to come in out of hours and get everything installed.

Easy to use

The vast majority of your staff are probably not computer experts. They just need something that is easy to use and gets the job down without too much hassle. Therefore, it’s recommended that ease of use if one of the main features.

Upgraded on a regular basis

Things are constantly changing, and in this fast paced world a few years is a huge amount of time, especially in the software industry. This is why any software you buy must be updated on a regular basis, as you don’t want to be stuck with a program that is 5 years out of date and way behind all of the others on the market.

Training is supplied

When you are spending a lot of money on software, especially specialized software, then the company should be prepared to send one of their experts to your location in order to offer training for your staff. This ensures there are minimal problems during the first few days of operation, and that everybody learns how to use it properly.

Compare features

It’s highly recommended that you shop around and make a list of a few different software programs that do the same thing. You’ll get the chance to compare features and see which program would be suited for your business, as well as looking closely at the prices so you are able to get the best deal possible.

One way to achieve this is by negotiating the price down, especially when you are buying multiple software licenses.

Read the small print

Make sure you understand the small print before signing any kind of contract. For example,many software companies will require you to pay on a monthly basis for a specific amount of time. In other words, you are stuck paying for the software, even if you stop using it, so read everything closely and only proceed when you are comfortable.

How to Stay on Your Diet and Achieve Success & Save Money

currency manRecent studies have suggested that 85% of Americans and Europeans give up on their diets within the first 2 weeks. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that people struggle to lose weight…if only they had some willpower.

Fortunately, you don’t really need a lot of willpower in order to stay on your diet and achieve success, as long as you follow the basic principles and tips in this article. Ready to get started? Keep reading…

Dieting can also save you money, no more alcohol, trips to the movies or sugary snacks. Plus wholesome food tens to be cheaper and more filling than processed food. So lose pounds and gain dollars with our tips below!

Be realistic

Quite possibly the main reason why so many people end up giving up on a diet is because they are trying to lose too much weight, too soon.

Losing 25 pounds in 3 weeks might seem like a good idea at first, but after a few days you start to feel miserable due to lack of calories. It’s a much better idea to be realistic in order to achieve long term success. Set a goal to lose 2 or 3 pounds a week and keep with that.

Snack sensibly

There is nothing wrong with snacking in between meals when you feel hungry, the key is to do it in a sensible manner. As an example, pork jerky is a very good snack for weight loss, because it has lots of protein and does not have any empty calories.

Give yourself a treat

Research has proven that someone who gives themselves a treat every now and again is more likely to stick to their diet and be successful.

This means if your favorite food is pizza then having a few slices on Saturday night is fine, as long as you don’t eat too much and it is doesn’t tempt you into eating other junk foods.

Exercise daily

One of the main benefits of exercising on a daily basis is that you burn more calories, which means you can eat more food to give yourself energy.

Exercise can be whatever you enjoy or feel comfortable with. Perhaps a run in the local park is a good idea, or playing tennis with your friends? The most important thing is to do something.

Talk with people

Another way stay on your diet is to talk with people who are going through the same thing. This could be on forums or social media, or even with family and friends.

You might also want to look at success stories for inspiration, and especially “before and after” photos that show you what is possible if you are dedicated and prepared to stay on course.

Getting a Credit Card – Pros and Cons

credit cardIt seems that we are bombarded with credit card offers on a weekly basis, but does this means you should get one? If you’ve never had a piece of plastic before then it can be a hard choice to make, especially if you don’t want to find yourself in debt.

Fortunately, making a decision has just become easier, thanks to the pros and cons below.


0% interest offers

If you go to a credit cad comparison website such as then you’ll see cards being offered with 0% interest.

While this is only for a short amount of time, it’s a still a good deal if you are sensible and don’t go spending all of your credit limit.

Secure way to pay

Worried about paying with your debit card online? You certainly don’t want cyber criminals getting their hands on your details.

Thankfully, the situation is completely different with a credit card, mainly because you are protected by the credit card company if something goes wrong. In other words, you can buy with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Improve credit score

Another pro of getting a credit card is that it helps you to improve your credit score. This only happens if you pay off the balance monthly and keep everything in good standing, so make sure you use it responsibly.


Easy to get into debt

Unfortunately, millions of Americans do not use their credit cards responsibly, and this is why they are in the middle of debt crisis.

The general rule to follow is, when you can’t afford to pay it back quickly, don’t borrow it. It’s easy to get into debt when making impulse buying decisions Have some control and be sensible.

Hidden charges

If you just miss one monthly payment then expect to be faced with numerous hidden charges, all of which quickly start to add up.

Also, be very wary when drawing money out of a ATM from your credit card, as many banks will charge you a fee on top of the percentage already taken by the credit card company.

You don’t really need it

There are some people that just don’t really need a credit card, and that’s totally fine. Don’t feel like you must have a credit card because everyone else has got one.

Sometimes, the best way to stay financially free is to avoid any kind of loan or credit card and only pay for things when you have the money.

Do Not Buy a Swimming Pool

no poolIt seems that most people want a swimming pool in their backyard, so they can enjoy time in the fresh air and become the envy of all their neighbors

Do you actually need a swimming pool though? Some experts think that for the vast majority of Americans it is a silly purchase, and here is why.

Short season

A lot of places in America only get a few months of sunshine, which means the pool will not be used for 9 months of the year.

Of course, this is not true for all places, and the fact that pool remodeling Costa Mesa companies are working all year round just goes to show that in places such as Orange County a pool is a great idea.

Ultimately though, if you live in a place like Minnesota then a pool is most likely not the right way to spend your money.


Anybody that has a swimming pool will tell you straight away…they don’t come cheap. Not only do you have to get the pool installed by a professional company, but keeping it clean and carrying out constant minor repairs all cost you money, and in the end it just might not be worth it, especially if you don’t use the pool that much.


While children are safe to use pools with adult supervision, there is always the chance they might sneak off for a minute outside without you knowing and then do something like fall in the pool.

If you have young children then it is highly advisable to put a fence around the pool when not in use, so you can have complete peace of mind.


There have been many cases where people have attended pool parties round a friend or neighbors house, then injured themselves while in the pool and then launched a lawsuit against the pool owner. If you think this won’t happen to you then think again…anything is possible.

The best way to protect yourself is to only invite close friends and relatives round to enjoy your pool, and don’t let your kids bring round their friends. Or you could simply avoid buying a pool altogether.

Selling your home

If you are trying to sell your home in a place like California then a pool is considered an asset because everybody wants one.

However, in a place like New York where the winters are long and cold, it is not high on the priority list for house buyers. With this in mind, it could make it more difficult to sell your home in a timely fashion.